20 Best Fighting Games for Android

If you need to blow off steam - there is nothing better than a good fighter. There is something very reassuring about knocking the spirit out of the right old pixels. Here is a list of the top 20 fighters on Android. As soon as you need to exhale after the carpet at the head - take mobile and hit from the heart!

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is a hybrid of the old runner with a lot of classic fights. The result is good. You can unlock superpowers and ride a dinosaur that shoots a laser, as well as fight and fight again.

The executive

The big executive fighter specifically for touch screens and office plankton. The plot is this: you - the head of the corporation. Werewolves have attacked your firm. You save the company and the whole city from the terrible monsters.

Punch club

Punch Club - a fighter where you are not fighting. You must train the MMA fighter and lead him to fame. The street fighter manager will let you choose your own Tao in the best traditions of the nineties fighters.

Super Mario run

Super Mario Run mod APK: Now we will again visit the magical world of Mario. Mario lives in the Mushroom Kingdom and is very friendly with a local princess named Peach. Not far from this kingdom lives dragon, Bowser. He wants to seize power, and for this, he regularly kidnaps the princess, but Mario every time comes to the rescue and saves Peach. In the game Super Mario Run, our hero again went to rescue the princess and yet he succeeded, but Mario hesitated a little and did not manage to escape from the dragon. Now Bowser enraged and enveloped in flames, wants to catch and destroy his enemy. You must help Mario flee from the dragon and return home. Your hero will run forward automatically, and your task is to help him overcome all the obstacles and traps that are waiting for him on the way. Also, you must collect gold coins that will allow you to get a new player.

EA Sports UFC

The UFC is one of the most brutal sports in the world, and the EA Sports UFC successfully conveys the spirit of this martial art. You can create your fighter and fight on the octagon in battles that repeat real events in the world of UFC

Taekwondo Game Global Tournament

Taekwondo Game Global Tournament will provide an opportunity to feel like a taekwondo master without any tedious study at the dojo. You can play both solo and multiplayer. Fights can be recorded and then laid out in social networks.

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2 is a game dedicated to the famous boxer Rocky. Further advertising is no longer needed. Nevertheless, we mention that you can challenge Appolo Creed, Ivan Drago, and other notable fighters. You can choose your style of play and hold matches with friends.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions may look a bit rustic in comparison with other fighters, but all Marvel's characters are gathered here. You can set them against each other and enjoy good graphics.

King of Fighters '98

Longtime fans of fighters can confirm that the King of Fighters is not inferior to Street Fighter. A version of King of Fighters '98 - something like a hodgepodge of hits from this series.

The King Of Fighters-A 2012

The King Of Fighters-A 2012 is a mobile version of the popular arcade and fighter 2010. New characters, six game modes, a lot of collection cards and illustrations appeared in it.

Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken Card Tournament is a hybrid of cardboard game and fighter, but it stands out in the series. When making a move, players choose: take a new card, attack an opponent, or block a hit. You will need to think well about strategy and tactics. And time is limited - for everything about everything is given 10 seconds.

Dan the Man

Pixel fighter platformer Dan the Man will give a problematic quest - to save the village and his girlfriend from the evil forces. You will have to punch the road with your fists. Every day the game is updated, providing new rewards and secret areas.

Combo Crew

Fighter Combo Crew is explicitly designed for mobile platforms. Available solo and multiplayer modes. Fights are carried out quickly, but hundreds of missions are issued, which force us to return to the game again and again.

WWE Immortals

The WWE Immortals game allows you to arrange team matches 3x3, playing the role of favorite stars of WWE. You can fight with players from around the world in a network multiplayer.


Non-standard pixel Wrestling cannot be described in terms of the usual fighting game. Better watch the video below. Instead of a thousand words.


Classic Fighter Beat down! From the team that created Random Heroes and League of Evil. The game has 20 levels, endless mode, many enemies and several different environments.

Soul Calibur

Beautiful 3D fighter Soul Calibur is available on Android. Gamers can choose from 19 characters and lead the soul, rejoicing graphics and motion animation. Survival mode will set the task: how many enemies will you beat with only one life left?

God of blades

The endless runner God of Blades offers aesthetics of prog rock and sword fights in an atmosphere very reminiscent of the classic fantasy of the 80s. You know, such a nightmare, where live Conan and Redhead Sony.

Big Action Mega Fight!

Big Action Mega Fight! - This is a fighter, where gamers have to save the city from violent criminal gangs. Cute comic and bright graphics will add fun.

Shadow  2

Hybrid RPG and fighter Shadow Fight 2 pleases with beautiful animation and character development system. You have to wear your character, buy him weapons and learn new abilities to save the world from demons.

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