World’s Best Burger List is out – Check and Try ‘em All

The burger is an international fast food. It is admired and adored by all the foodies. No one can just deny the charm of those soft buns. The delectable stuffing and sauces – YUM!!! Burgers are an all time hit among the masses since their dawn. Given below is the list of the best burgers. And this list has names from all over the world. You can find their ‘Desi Counterparts’ if you try. After all, the world is a small place. Especially, with the advent of the modern technology, it seems so!!
So, fellas!!! Here we go with the best burger list. Find whether your favourite made to it or not. And, if you got burger cravings, use McDonalds Offers. They are meant to be used; Right??
World’s Best Burger List:

#1 – Fleur from the Las Vegas:
This burger comes straight from the party capital of the world. The Fleur burger is available in Las Vegas. It is also considered as the most expensive burger in the world. Having a price of $5,000, we think that it might as well be. It has a weird combination of ingredients such as:
·         Kobe Beef
·         Truffles
·         Foie Gras
Along with these ingredients, there is a Petrus bottle as well. It is considered as a rare beverage. This is also responsible for this huge bill. Well, it might or might not fit into your budgets. But, it surely needs a place in the list.
If you can either visit Las Vegas or eat this burger, then use McDonalds Offers. You can get a lot of burgers from the brand in this much money.

#2 – Patty and Bun Burger from London:
The British and Indian cuisines influence each other. The patty and bun burgers from London are the tastiest. They have been rated highly by the foodies. They have juicy patties of beef. The burger has brioche buns and:
·         Caramelised Onions
·         Bacon
·         Ketchup
·         Lettuce
·         Tomato
·         Smokey
·         P&B Mayo
There are various varieties to choose from. Of all the varieties, the Smokey Robinson is the most popular.

#3 – McDonalds Big Mac:
Well, finally; you had one name from the brand as well. The Big Mac is really big and is available universally. The names and versions might vary. The stuffing will of course vary from place to place. They are adored by people everywhere. The ones with meat have assorted meat layers. The vegetarian options have delicious cheese and vegetable patty. The sesame coated bun is so soft that it hurts!! (Just for laughs) The lettuce is incredibly fresh and crispy.

#4 – Five Guys burger:
They are available worldwide and are simply awesome. The Five Guys has been voted as the most popular brand in UK. This is an American Brand. It makes burgers using the best quality ingredients. The brand has been satisfying hungers with quality stuff. You can customize your burgers and toppings.

#5 – Au Cheval from Chicago:
Here is another yummy burger from the land of Chicago. Au Cheval has been voted as world’s best burger. This poll was by the Burger Guide. The brand offers single and double cheeseburgers. You can add bacon and eggs as well. The juicy and tender beef and cheese melt like anything in your mouths. The brand is known for a fine dining display and experience. There are various drinks that can be enjoyed with it.

#6 – Bill’s Halloumi Burger from UK:
Though the presence is limited to the UK only, it is a must-include. This burger is a dream come-true for the vegetarians. The yummy ingredients in the burger are:
·         Griddled or dry-fried halloumi
·         Sweet Chilli Sauce
·         Humous
·         Griddled red pepper
This burger has a sweet, umami and salty taste. This is a sigh of relief for the vegetarians. Otherwise, they might have thought that the burgers are biased.

#7 – Fergburger from New Zealand:
The Fergburger is famous for its LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY taste, globally. There are more than 30 varieties to choose from. Pork Belly, falafel, beef, cod and even the breakfast burgers!!! You can enjoy each one for one day of a month. So, you should give it a try, whenever you can.
Well, these are some of the most famous burgers in the world. Till you can’t get the FIRANGI ones, eat the DESI ones. And yes, don’t forget the Mcdonalds Offers.

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