The New-age Shipment Tracking System in India

There are a large number of methods through which exact, accurate and flawless shipment tracking can be made. The very first way is all about tracking the vehicle carrying the shipment which is carried out using GPS devices on the vehicle; considered to be perfect for real-time tracking of the vehicle. This permits authorized users to login and view the exact location of the vehicle at a certain point of time.

In the past 10 years, the shipment tracking system in India has witnessed a sea change by the introduction of the RFID technology in shipment and container tracking system. DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) offers India’s most reliable logistics tracking solutions with the help of their flagship product Logistics Data Bank (LDB) while aiming to leverage ICT across the country’s logistics sector.

Salient advantages of RFID driven container tracking system in India-
§  RFID is the only truly automatic-identification technology.
§  RFID usually requires no line of sight.
§  The paperwork will no longer be a hassle, since it is completed through an automated process.
§  You will be aware when the shipment reaches its destination, which will minimize the chances of any errors occurring.
§  RFID is an enabling technology. 
§  RFID is accurate and flawless

§  Decreased lead time in the ongoing import-export cycle

§  Enhanced international competitiveness

§  A great boost manufacturing industry, resulting in increased employment opportunities

§  Improved manpower planning and quick turnaround time

§  Better quality of services promoting railways as the best possible mode of transport

Great and reliable shipment tracking solutions offer the users with each and every tool and resource to capture all the crucial benchmarks. These new-age solutions not only need a lesser amount of manpower but also drastically minimize the timings. Accuracy, flawlessness, complete transparency, and all-time readiness are some of the added characteristics that modern container tracking solutions offer. There are companies in India like LDB that provide fully customized container tracking solutions to their diverse clientele.  The complete portfolio of the company can easily be seen on the website of the company just through a few clicks.

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