How to Find the Best ICSE and CBSE Schools in Bangalore?

Bangalore is known as the silicon valley of India and other than being the IT hub it also has numerous reputed schools catering to the greater population density of the region. While choosing the best  ICSE and CBSE schools in Bangalore it is best to do some homework. Let me list down the steps taken by me to choose the best ICSE schools near me and hope that this list will help you choose the perfect school for your little ones as well. The starting point is one of the most crucial ones in life for any child who is ready for school and this decision to choose the best one from this lot becomes more harrowing and difficult to choose with the number of schools in Bangalore.
The right school for your child should not only have the state of the art infrastructure and qualified teachers but also a healthy learning environment with an innovative teaching methodology that focuses on studies through a mixture of traditional and inventive extracurricular activities as well as a safe campus. Although many leading ICSE and CBSE schools in Bangalore are available but I found some good ICSE schools near me that offer all of the above criteria and fit the budget as well. The ICSE schools focus not only on classroom learning but also impart practical knowledge of the subject as well as develop analytical skills in the students right from the beginning which helps them later on in life.

I also chose ICSE over the CBSE because, in my personal opinion, ICSE ensures that practical knowledge is imparted to the child more than the CBSE curriculum. Although each of these boards are very much reputed, unique and well recognized, accepted and backed by leading educationists in India but ICSE as a syllabus seems much better planned in terms of its structure and is more comprehensive. The emphasis on practical knowledge in the ICSE curriculum is an important part of building such analytical skills in the students. Schools that follow the ICSE system of the study also focus more on the overall development of the child.

I found that at New Age World School this integration of knowledge was better than others with their focus on not just the curriculum based on ICSE but also towards holistic development of the personal, social and emotional development of the child via various activities. The love of learning and the development of the child to express opinions and ideas in a fluent and proper the manner is achieved through their focus on literacy through subject knowledge, communication skill development as well as language development through various activities. A child’s innate curiosity is developed at this school by the promotion of informed and structured questioning and debates that help develop students' cognitive, numeracy, logical and creative faculties and their focus on sports emphasize proper health and fitness requirements. Choose well as your choice will affect the development of your child.

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