Rapid increase in the Demand of Marriage Registration Lawyer

Marriage registration is the most important and a valid process that you are married legally to someone. In most of the cases, women faces problem after getting married as they not having valid documents to change their surname, opening a bank account, applying for a visa or job.

After marriage registration, you will get a marriage certificate which is the final and legal document that shows they are married. It is most important for women to apply for marriage registration just after marriage to establish a legal claim as a wife.

But there is no time limit to apply for registration as per Hindu marriage Act, 1955 with valid age and marriage proof you can register your marriage at any time.

How Marriage registration lawyer is helpful

As per Hindu mythology, marriages are made in heaven but that’s not the whole truth because to make them work you have to take few steps. In which one is marriage registration. But people ignore this step thinking that once they married as per their religious ceremony then there is no need to get registered. And one of the biggest reasons is the lack of information about marriage registration, people think that the procedure of getting the marriage registered is very long and time was taken than it is preferable to skip this step.

Here are few importance and benefits of marriage registration and hiring a lawyer for registering:-

·         It helps in changing your name in any legal documents: -

After marriage women change their surname but not having any legal documents on behalf of which she’ll be able to do the changes.

·        Gives you a permit to work in your country or abroad: -

If husband lives abroad than it allows you to work there.

·     Helps in property disputes, or making you nominee for getting a pension in case the spouse passes, unfortunately: -

In many cases, women not get her right in the case when husband passes away, this helps her to get what she owns.
·         While applying for divorce it plays an important role: -

If you never registered your marriage than on behalf of what you will apply for divorce because you are not having any valid document of your marriage.

In case of lack of information about the procedure of registering you have to opt for a lawyer. Who not only ease down the long process but also help in providing necessary information
Lawyer can help you in understanding applicable laws, especially the Marriage Registration Lawyer, they will guide you where to register for the marriage, also help in preparing documents required for registration, preparing affidavit, and further claims and deliberations.

How the need for Marriage registration lawyer increase in Delhi

Delhi is one of the demanding places where you will get the most experienced employees. Here lawyer firms have a commitment to provide the best legal solution to their clients with their hard work and dedication which leads to outstanding results. Marriage Registration lawyer in Delhi is specialized in their work and have proper knowledge by which they are able to explain full information and law to their clients. They serve the couple with good suggestions especially when it comes to marriage.

The team of their lawyer arranges the complete marriage a process with legal documentation and tries best to provide a certificate at the earliest.

A problem faced by the people of Delhi in Marriage registration

Who don’t know the exact way of government work they get fooled by others and asked to pay the amount more than the exact one.

And when it comes to the inter-cast marriage or inter-religious it is like a big problem for which you have to pay more and more because most of the people don’t know that the Supreme Court said that “Inter-cast and Inter-Religious marriage are a good step for socialism”, Marriage Registration lawyer do not misguide their clients by saying the above things.

Hence, get in touch with the lawyer who has all information and know the process of each work to guide you on the precious steps of your life.

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