Understanding Plastic Surgery and Its Benefits

The process of Plastic Surgery holds more meaning than what it is believed to have in common parlance. It is a procedure aimed at altering, restoring or reconstructing any part of the body. In its essence, it is more than just a cosmetic procedure. It also includes reconstructive procedures. It can be performed for a variety of purposes such as restoring parts that have burnt or have been distorted, improve the appearance of any part, and so forth.

What are the different types of Plastic Surgery?

It can broadly be divided into Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery. Though, depending upon what area it is to be performed, it can take up many names. Following are some of the disciplines of Plastic Surgery:
  • Burn Surgery is performed to treat wounds from a burn. These wounds take time to heal and the skin does not retain its original shape and texture. It can be performed immediately for minor burns while major burns are restored after they are healed. The surgery restores the skin to its original look. Almost no scars are visible and the effects of wounds are covered.

  • Craniofacial Surgery is performed when a person has abnormalities or congenital defects in their head and face region. It can be further divided into Pediatric and Adult Craniofacial surgery. It could relate to cleft lips or reshaping of jaw or chin. Sometimes, these defects cause problems in breathing or eating and through the surgery, they are corrected.

  • Aesthetic Surgery involves the improvement of the appearance of a particular part of the body or different parts at once. It is usually not advisable as it is not needed. It is opted for by someone who has low self-esteem or confidence or if they want to look their best all the time.

  • Microsurgery involves the reconstruction of missing tissues by placing a tissue from another part of the body to the area being treated. The blood veins are also attached to the tissue so that it functions normally.

When should you get Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery, as described, is of different types. Therefore, a person can get it done in many cases and depending upon the need. In the Head region, it can be performed for face-lift, jaw or chin reshaping, forehead lift, cleft lip correction, hair replacement, etc.

Breast augmentation, reconstruction, lift, and reduction can be performed in the chest region. Tucking of tummy and liposuction also comes under Plastic Surgery. It is also performed in cases of abrasion, burn wounds, tattoo and scar removal, etc.

What are the benefits of Plastic Surgery?

It carries many benefits. Through Plastic Surgery, many defects or abnormalities are treated. Certain defects arise due to the absence of some part or because it is ill-formed. It can be corrected easily through surgery. In many cases, surgery helps in boosting the morale and confidence of patients. The aesthetic surgery helps them improve certain parts of their body which they are not proud of. Though, surgeons and doctors assess their prospective patients. They are accepted for it only if the patients are emotionally and mentally prepared for the surgery.

Is it the right solution to all the listed problems?

Humans face different problems and Plastic Surgery might just be the answer to them. Surgeons usually ask their patient different questions, ask them their expectations and then provide possible solutions. In most of the cases, the surgery is opted to improve aesthetic appearance. In these cases, the surgeons suggest alternative solutions. If there is a genuine problem that causes trouble in day-to-day activities and the same can be corrected by surgery, then it should be performed. Thus, plastic surgery helps in a lot many ways to treat and cure abnormalities and wounds. 

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