How to Learn Machine Learning?

Learning the machine learning (ML) is a difficult task, as this technology is at advance stage and there are certain types of coding languages and algorithms are used to develop machine learning based models. To learn the machine learning you need to learn Python and other languages used with certain algorithms to make it work properly and function in right manner.
To learn machine learning you need to go through a certain stages like understanding the basics to explore deep learning and complete a data project based on machine learning principles. Below we have discussed about the right procedure of learning machine learning with step-by-step guidance to make it understandable to anyone interested in this topic.

How to Learn Machine Learning Step-by-Step:

Stage 1: First of all you need to understand the basics of machine learning technology and its other principles on which based it works.

Stage 2: To learn ML you also need to learn statistics like correlation, Linear, multiple and logistic regression, basic principles of probability, variables numerical and categorical data, etc.

Stage 3: To train a machine learning Python is the key language used to develop with such technology. So you need to learn python or r (or both) for data analysis.

Stage 4: Now you need to complete an exploratory data analysis project to understand the role of data sets in machine learning and how such data is used for machine learning.

Stage 5: After learning these important things, now you need to develop an unsupervised learning model that can work on the ML-based code of conduct.

Stage 6: Now after developing an unsupervised learning model you need to create a supervised learning model that can work properly with the right output.

Stage 7: Developing supervised learning models is not enough you also need to understand the big data technologies like deep learning and AI-based know-how for better understanding.

Stage 8: This is the last stage where after learning the other aspects of machine learning you need to undertake and complete a data project completely based on machine learning principles and can work without showings any errors.
Leaning about the machine learning is not everything, as training data sets also plays an important role in ML and acquiring the right amount and quality of data for machine learning in most important factor that determines the outputs of such ML-based projects.

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