What are the Major Challenges in Image Annotation and Video Annotation?

There are many challenges arising in image and video annotation that makes this process difficult and also consumes the extraordinary time and efforts. From recognizing object to annotating from edge-to-edge area to make the object recognizable for machines or computer vision, there are multiple types of challenges comes while performing such tasks.

The challenges in Video annotation is quite different from image annotation, as there are moving objects in the visual file and every object need to be outlined or labeled with bounding boxes or other modes of annotations as per the needs of the clients.

Major Challenges in Image Annotation

The challenges depend on the mode of annotation followed by the user. Actually, the image annotation process is done either manually by humans using the specific tool or software or by automatic software that can detect the object and annotate using the right tools.

However, in both situations, this task of scene understanding and object recognition for semantic prediction is a challenging job. Actually, the accuracy level at the time of face detection system is the real problem while detecting the object.

Another challenge with image annotation is how to deal with object recognition through a large image database. Connecting the semantic gap between image and its relevant tags is another most often faced challenge while performing the image annotation task.

Major Challenges in Video Annotation

In Video annotations the challenges are more difficult compare to image annotation, as the objects are not stilled and annotators have to capture the moving object on the computer screen. Hence, in video annotations the video is converted into other smaller clips like GIF files and then the item is identified for annotation.

So being doing this job the accuracy level is affected if the annotation tool is not proficient or annotator is not able to annotate the video files or moving objects. Apart from that, if the video file is too long it is also difficult to annotate each frame till the end.

Another challenge in image annotation is use of various modes of annotation is also not possible in Video annotation, as owing to moving object all types of annotation techniques cannot be applied restricting annotators to use the limited annotations techniques.

However, to overcome such challenges while annotating the images of videos, hiring a professional will help you to avoid such problems and give the high-quality image annotation service with best level of accuracy to utilize the image data for getting best outputs.

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