How to Ace the Crop Top like a Style Blogger

Love it or hate it but you certainly cannot ignore it. The crop top is here to stay and what’s more, is that it is slowly making its way to your work attire as well. Today, you can see all kinds of people don it with confidence and panache whether it is for a day out at the beach, a formal event with the family or even a meeting with the board. The trick lies in styling it appropriately. Here are a few ways in which you can style a crop top like a blogger no matter where you are heading.

With high-waisted jeans

No points for guessing why this look is an absolute favorite. The high-waisted jeans make certain you do not reveal too much skin while makes it fit to wear to any casual or semi-formal occasion. To put in another element of distinctiveness, you can layer it up with a casual or formal blazer. It is sure to grab attention for all the right reasons.

With a button down shirt

You can don your women crop tops with a button down shirt as well. It gives you a glamorous look while looking effortless. You can let a long-sleeved shirt peek through a crop top to ace this look. Alternatively, you can also team your crop top with a camisole, tank top, t-shirt or even a crisp, well fitted white button-down blouse.

Team it with a pencil skirt

You can pair your crop top with a pencil skirt to balance out proportions seamlessly. This ensures only a sliver of skin is shown and so helps you feel more feminine and modest. Pair this with a blazer and your favorite pair of heels and you are all set to kill the office look effortlessly.

Under a suit

Another way to style a crop top for work is by pairing it with a power suit. You can ace the bold, edgy and ultra-cool office look picking a suit in a neutral color. Make sure the suit fits you well while the crop top is not too revealing. Pair it with your most comfortable pair of stilettos and you are good to go.

Mix and match it with shorts

For a day out at the beach or any other laid back, relaxed occasion, you can pair funky crop tops with a chic pair of shorts. It is sure to bring out fun, flirty and playful vibes like no other. You can also pair this look with a denim jacket. It helps you stay snug during winters and look stylish during summers.

Wear it with flare pants

If you are in the mood for experimenting, you can even try wearing designer crop tops with high-waisted flare pants and a long coat. It instantly gives you a dramatic air and leaves you with a super elongating look. The wide legged trousers help you balance the sexiness of the crop top impeccably making it a winner through and through since it leaves you with a wonderfully modern, vintage appearance.

So there you have it. You can use a single crop top and style in a variety of ways to look like a style blogger through and through. Now that you know how to go about donning this garment, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let your creative ideas take flight.

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