Topic: How to become a journalist?

Today everyone wants to make a career in which they can do something creative. A career that will enhance his qualities and abilities, a career that is related to his favorite subject his or her favorite subject for everyone can be different. Journalism i.e., journalism has changed a lot over time. As you all know, the 12th board examinations are going to start soon. What to do next? In which direction your questions will be raised in the minds of everyone. If you have taken an Arts stream in the 12th and you want to make a career in the media, then read this article.

Mass communication course

Mass communication is that journalism has changed a lot according to the earlier. There has been a lot of change in the new technologies and technological revolution too. In the first place where journalism was limited to newspapers, radio, magazines, and TV, now online journalism has also joined this line. After 12th you can also create a future in journalism. For this, you can do a diploma course in journalism or a certificate course in journalism after the 12th standard.

How did you become a journalist?

If you are interested in news and more in the events happening in the world, then it is not a big deal for you to become a journalist you just have to join new media journalism courses. The most important thing to be a journalist is honesty and honesty. If you are standing with truth and honestly do your work, then no one can stop you from becoming a journalist. If seen, the history of journalism is even before our independence. There was no course or special institution for journalism at that time. But due to the increasing competition in today's technological age, these institutions have a huge contribution in forming a type of person.

A career in Mass Communication

If you want to make a career in journalism, then know that journalism is a very wide area. Journalism is a topic where you can make your career according to your favorite subject. A media house has about 27 different departments related to journalism. In it, you can choose a subject as your career according to your favorite subject. If you are interested in law then you can do law journalism, if you are interested in economics then you can do economic journalism, if you are interested in politics then you can do political journalism.

As such, you can make a career as per your interest in any of the 27 departments. The journalist is considered an intellectual person, a person who thinks and writes something away from ordinary people. If you also have such a different view of a subject and you are interested in writing it, then you can become a journalist too.

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