What can make you successful CA - Skills for Becoming a “More successful CA”

After gala celebration on becoming a CA, Rihan stayed awake whole night. He was ill at ease. He was apprehensive about his future. There was a lot of expectation from him, and he wasn't sure about his own competence.
He has cleared his CA in one first attempt with the help of joining the best Institute for CA in India but is that enough to land in this competitive world with sheer armor of CA membership.
He knew that wasn't enough. There should be more to it…...

Rihaan is absolutely right in his thought process. The adversity what he was feeling is among most of the fresh batch of CA. The three years of practical training subsidies the crudeness toward the real world, but still when it comes the actual time, they are in heebie-jeebies.

In order to forego this situation, many candidates thrive hard to be in the shelter of some big firm or big 4s. Under their umbrella, they feel bit secured on their financial and social status stand. But is that only criteria of being “successful” CA?
“No, Successful CA is not who works in a big firm,” he is the  one who helps in shaping  big firm.“ 

 But How would any CA be amidst the crowd.?

To stand out from the crowd along with your knowledge, proper communication skill, analytical and realistic approach, passion toward work, diligent approach and a few more skills work together in an integrated way.

In this article, we will talk about the skill set need to be polished and practiced by CA  to make a mark of its own in the Industry.

Once a CA is always CA.!!!

After getting a CA degree, every CA has this bond with his client to work as an accountant for him. Apart from taking care of their accounts, audit, and assignment, there are a few more things which every  CA must be entitled to

CA as Charter  Adaptive where CA open up his mind and grasp whatever surrounds his work. The CA course is lengthy because they have understood that this profession is holistic in nature, hence being adaptive to knowledge, information ideas, updations, and even technology, always add to your likeness.

CA as Charter Affable where CA become friend or family member to its client.After lawyer and doctor CA is the one who is trusted the most.This time with Financial whereabout of any individual. The trust that has been bestowed on CA should be considerate and reciprocated by being friendly and loyal.

CA as Charter Authenticity where CA act as solution provided which explicitly means that everyone comes with a problem to CA. The transparent and prudent solution makes any CA business profile authentic, which is what is needed to be successful.

CA as Charter Accuracy where CA took deep understanding in nature of accounts of their clients and built the framework most suited to them. When such accuracy is shown in anyone work, it becomes hard to stop the popularity gain through the mouth of words.

CA as Charter Aesthetic where CA is innovative and creative. It sounds weird when mundane profession like CA is affiliated with such word, but trust us on this. To get that edge over everyone else it is important to be different in a better way. Providing reports, or drafting any other important document of interaction in a clear and beautiful way will give a new dimension to your business profile.

It is not easy to clear CA exams, and it is even harder to be successful CA. If you are passionate about your work, if you are hard working, if you know your goal, the road is ahead, roll down. You don't need to stop on uphills and do not lose your integrity while running fast on downhills. Maintaining this equilibrium will be the best key to become A CA.

Being humanitarian and doing some good work for the upliftment of the society and country, is what is, also expected from such a highly regarded profession.

If there is still any refraining to work on this skill, then it is ok to feel that way. These skills are not to be born with. You can any day enroll for personal development classes or workshop or meeting to enhance your personal skills. The only thing which you should never stop is trying, and we believe that, if it's “you, who is trying, then there is a sure guarantee of being “SUCCESSFUL”.

We wish you all the best for future
Keep yourself healthy and affable

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