Top 10 Video Games for 2019

The video game industry has become a multibillion dollar industry over the years. The worth of video game market was more than 115 billion US dollar in 2108 and it is expected that the total revenue will be more than 140 billion USD by 2021.

Clearly this post isn’t about the market and revenue of gaming industry, here we are going to discuss about top 10 videos games for 2019 to play. Latest technology and innovation has influenced the gaming world a lot. Nowadays each and every video games made are loaded with next generation technologies.

Therefore compiling the top 10 list was not easy enough but I have made a little effort to do so. Let’s have a look at the games featured below.


Starting this list with one of the latest and most innovative video games of the year 2019. Developed by BioWare, Anthem video game was released worldwide on February 22, 2019.
Anthem is an online multiplayer game featured with four main characters: Storm, Colossus, Interceptor and Ranger. The team has to fight with villainous and savage beasts and defend them to save the planet. A customizable exosuit will be provided to each player in order to fight with the monsters.

The suits named javelins are loaded with superhuman qualities and unique weapons. Anthem is the top downloaded video game by March 2019.

2.CrackDown 3

CrackDown is an adventure and action video game developed by Sumo Digital. This game is available for both Xbox One and Microsoft Studios. CrackDown is the successor of CrackDown 2 which was released nine years later on 2010.

The plot of CrackDown is super adventurous and packed with a lot of action. After ten years of CrackDown 2 an unknown source execute power over the world by doing massive terrorist attacks.  The agency comes back into action to save the planet and begin a war with Terra Nova, the mysterious organization responsible for the terrorist attacks.

The release of this game was delayed a multiple times and finally launched in February15, 2019. CrackDown 3 gets good review score from most of the gaming industry influencers.


The world of gamers will be more exciting in 2019. A lots of high end graphics games have been launched and more to come. Sekiro: Shadows Dikes Twice developed by FromSoftware is an adventure-action game will be released on 22nd March 2019.

It will be released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The game is based around a Ninja named Sekiro who wants to take revenge to bring back his lord from a Samurai’s capture that also injured Sekiro previously.

The game is based on a reimagined ancient Japanese Sengoku period around 16th century. It took almost four years to develop the game and the first teaser was released on 2017 at the Game Awards.

4.The Walking Dead

I am a big fan of Zombie movies and had watched “World War Z” several times. If you also love to watch zombie movies and kill the zombies in video games then this game is for you.

The Walking Dead gaming series was released in late 2012 but still it is worth to play. The best part of this video game is that it is available in multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android Smartphones etc.

The video game is developed by Telltale Games and story is based on a fiction comic world. The video game is developed according the same comic book series, “The Walking Dead” and consists five game episodes.

5.The Division 2

The Division 2 is the sequel of The Division will be released on 15th March 2019. Massive Entertainment has developed this action game while the publisher is Ubisoft.

The plot of this action game takes place in Washington DC. A civil war has been breakout between villainous group and the survivors. This game will be released for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Three downloadable episodes content will also be released for free after the launching of game.

The three episodes will add new game play modes and story contents for all the users.

6.In The Valley of Gods

The Mummy franchise is one of the most famous and successful movies. The game “In the Valley of Gods" is basically isn’t about fighting with reincarnated mummies but the game also belongs to Egypt and its hidden treasures.

It can be the most adventures journey you could ever travel virtually. The gamer will have to play the role of explore who will wander the ancient Egyptian desert to reveal the hidden secrets.

Single person thrilling adventure
Navigate the desert and make effort to be more friendly with the one companion named Zora
Explore the ancient Egyptian desert in order to uncover the secrets beneath
Capture the journey using a 35mm camera while travelling

7.Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry: New Dawn is an action adventure first person game developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisot respectively.
This game is the sequel of Far Cry 5 was released on 15th February 2019. The sequel received better rating and reviews worldwide and more than 26,000 units were sold at first launch week in Japan only.


First person action-adventure shooter game
Montana a fictional hope country is the set of this game
Survivors make effort to built a community in Montana after the nuclear attack
Survivors will fight against the Highwaymen attackers in order to protect and rebuild the community.

8. Wolfenstein: Old Blood

Want to fight Nazis this year?
No I am not talking about any kind of time travel; you can fight the Nazi forces in this video game Wolfenstein: Old Blood. The game was developed and published by MachineGames and Bethesda Softworks respectively.

This first person action adventure shooter game was released on 5th May 2015 for PlayStation, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. The game is based on a single player war veteran named Willian Blazkowicz. He is on a mission to discover the locations of the Nazi compounds, fight with the Nazi forces using variety of weapons and to destroy the camps.

9.Skull and Bones

Live the life like Jack Sparrow in the video game Skull and Bones. This video game is inspired by the naval battles of the video game Assassin’s Creed IV.

Skull and Bones is an upcoming tactical video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore. The game has both single and multiplayer options to play.


Tactical action game having the open oceanic environment set
Live the character of a pirate captain
Sail in open water of Indian Ocean
Engage with others to combat the attackers in disputed ocean water.

10.Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is the most horror zombie killing game I have ever seen. Developed by Capcom Div 1 and published by Capcom. The Resident Evil 2 was is one of the most praised video games released this year 2019.

Basically it is the sequel of the 1998’s Resident Evil and it is much better than the older version. The video game was appreciated for its high end graphics, gameplay, and presentation. The popularity of this is such high that more than 4 million copies were sold just after one month of being released.
Final Notes:

The world of gaming has been changed drastically over the years. We have seen almost eight generations of gaming console and yet more to come.

The technology of gaming is being upgraded with every passing day. These days’ video games are packed with high end innovative technologies. May the 2019 be more exciting for the people having a gamer soul? I have made a little contribution by creating this list of top 10 video games to play in 2019. 

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