How to Fix Microsoft Office 2010 Unlicensed Product Error?

If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 licensed version you can enjoy all the MS office suits without any issue. But when the subscription is expired or you are using the free version you will notice unlicensed product error means either you are not using the genuine version of licensee period is expired and you need to renew the subscription to use this product.

Don’t worry you have multiple options to fix this error and enjoy the Microsoft office 2010 software package on computer. You can choose the options as per the applicability on your system as, depending upon on your system configuration and windows version you have to follow the right method given below to fix such issues.

Method1: Verify MS Office Professional Plus License

Sometimes, owing to lack of verification process you will get such notification on your system. So, first of all check and verify the license assigned for your MS office 2010 installed on your system. If you have not verified then follow the steps given below.
  •      Step1: Sign in on Office 365 as an admin.
  •      Step2: Now click on the user facing the issue.
  •      Step3: Here under Assign Licenses” select to verify Office Professional Plus. 
  •      Step4: Now you can verify for the license key product subscription.

 Method2: Check and Verify System Clock

While on the other hand, if your system clock timing is running outdated or previous than current time you can face this problem. As the MS office 2010 match the system timing to check the validity of subscription period of authenticate the product license validation.
To verify your PC time use the U.S. Time resource that will check that whether it running as per your time zone or not. And while verifying also make sure daylight saving time setting is configured correctly so that you system time matches the global time zone.

Method3: Uninstall and Reinstall MS Office Professional 2010

This is a last step to fix Microsoft office 2010 unlicensed product error. Sometimes existing version or older version of MS office 2010 face such issues. So, you can uninstall and reinstall the setup with right configurations and settings. Once the you successfully install the MS office you will not see such Microsoft office 2010 unlicensed product error.

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