This Is More Than Just A Viral Dance Video It Is A Tribute Doordarshan

Back in the old days, Doordarshan used to be the one and only entertainment channel we could see on our TV. It was way before cable tv's came into existence . Before them, television was ruled by Doordarshan.

There is no lying about the fact that we all used to enjoy it. There were so many shows broadcasting on the channel covering the true funny stories that made our Sunday's entertaining and memorable.

Doordarshan used to be a big hit but as time passed by, with the introduction of cable channels and online streaming platform, we all have forgotten about the Doordarshan. The old channel that gave us our first Indian superhero, none other than Shaktiman.

20th-century kids might not know about  Doordarshan and Shaktiman. But after many decades Doordarshan has again gone viral on the internet. 

Doordarshan has gone viral. Why?

Recently, a dance video was posted on tik-tok, with a guy doing break dance on the iconic Doordarshan tune. His dance moves were interesting and funny at the same time. Anyone would laugh and appreciate the efforts at the same time. All the different news channels and entertainment websites are covering this news under funny stories.

The video has already got 2 lakh reactions and around 14,000 likes alone on the twitter. The video was first shared on the tik-tok, later it was shared on the twitter. When netzines saw the efforts and moves of that guy, the video instantly become viral.

Does Doordarshan responded to it?

The guy in the video is identified as Vaishakh Nair, and his moves has made the internet to fall in love with him. Everyone is praising the guy and he is getting too much of love from the internet. Not just this but his dance moves has even made Doordarshan to react on his video.

This is one of the cool funny short stories, as Doordarshan would have never imagined this in their wildest dream. Director General of Doordarshan, Supriya Sahu, appreciated Vaishakh's dance video. She also shared the video on their personal twitter handle with a caption that reads, "Fabulous act 😁! Absolutely fantastic and energetic like the iconic DD tune .. India’s heartbeat - Desh ki Dhadkan."

Also the guy was lucky enough to get the retweet and like on the original video from the official twitter handle of Doordarshan. Other than the officials, video has been retweeted by many netzines and not just Twitter but the video has been went viral on all the other social media platforms as well.

In Conclusion:

This dance video is not just an attempt to make a viral tik-tok video but it seems like an unconscious tribute to Doordarshan. Just the background music has made some many people feel nostalgic. Also we can't neglect the talent of the young guy in the video. This moment must have become one of those true funny stories that he would tell his friends after getting old just to flaunt.

That's it for today, tell us what you think about this video. In case you haven't watched it yet, then hurry-up go to twitter (or any other social media) you can easily spot it on your suggestions.

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