What's the best hospital for IVF?

Select IVF India, a leading medical tourism company which has the best hospitals for IVF and these
hospitals are committed to offering the best services to all the people across the globe without
biasing between the poor, payee or needy people. Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert helps the couples
who are unable to conceive naturally after having unprotected regular intercourse. She performs the
IVF procedure outside the women body and places the resulted embryo in the womb of the
intended mother to achieve a successful pregnancy.
Factors that attracted people to choose Select IVF India

The following are the factors which attract the attention of many people across the world to choose
the Select IVF India for their infertility treatment are:

a) Qualified fertility experts: The hospitals under Select IVF India have the best qualified and
experienced fertility experts who will help the couples in conceiving a baby. If one treatment not
works they suggest the other one achieve their dream which is their own baby.

b) Services offered: The hospitals under Select IVF India offer the world- class services like 24*7
support, medical and personal care, transparency in treatment, maintaining all relevant documents
of each individual, personal counsellor, reasonable cost etc.

c) Environment: When people enter any hospital under Select IVF India they feel the positive
environment around them which give a feeling that this is the place where their dream of having
their own baby comes true.

d) Success Rate: The success rates of the IVF treatment at all the hospitals under Select IVF India
is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared to the success rates of other clinics and if the
IVF performed by Dr. Nalini Gupta then the success rates can go up to 90% as she is the most skilled
and trained fertility expert with more than 30 years of experience in the field of fertility

e) Location: The hospitals under Select IVF India are easily accessible as all the centres are located
in the middle of the cities so that it saves a lot of time and money on travelling.

What’s the motive of fertility experts at Select IVF India?

The main aim of the fertility experts at the hospitals under Select IVF India is the successful and
healthy pregnancy to all those couples who were struggling from a long period of time to have their
own baby. Dr. Nalini Gupta is an IVF expert who performs the IVF treatment with the same
international standard without compromising on the quality of the treatment as her motive is not to
make the profit out of the couple’s pocket. The main motive of Dr. Nalini Gupta is to maximize the
chances of a successful pregnancy and for this, she will give her 100%. She is the one who will not
take rest until the healthy baby delivers to his/her intended parents.

Dr. Nalini Gupta has performed more than 3000 IVF babies without any complications or risk to the
health of the mother and the baby.

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