Comparing Prepaid and Postpaid Which is Better?

Prepaid and Postpaid services have always been compared to each other. Some claim that prepaid plans are better because they are fixed in terms of expenses. While the others have a notion that the postpaid plans are better as you don't have to worry over the limits. Though the relevance varies from customer to customer, a general comparison can be drawn without much ado. The following post presents the comparison between Prepaid and Postpaid subscription. You can read the post and make a better choice as per your telecom needs.
So, here we go!
Before we start the comparison, please note that the comparison has been done for Indian Telecom Users.

Mobile Subscriptions - Understanding the basics:

The mobile subscription where the user makes the payment at the end of the billing cycle (a month) is called a postpaid subscription. This allows for more free usage of the services. The users can use as much data as they want. They can make as many calls as they want. There are simply no limits on anything. However, the network and device generated prompts and alerts will allow them to check the data usage at any time. Hence, the users that have medium to high mobile usage opt for Postpaid Services.

On the other hand, the mobile subscription in which the user pays before using any service is termed as Prepaid Subscription. The prepaid subscription plans can be chosen as per the utility. The users can fix their expenses and manage their finances well. They have direct control over the services they opt for. So, prepaid services are better for people that don't use too many mobile services.
However, both subscriptions can be chosen anytime. You can do the Online mobile recharge for both of them. There are lots of plans and offers for both of them. Now, let us move ahead to learn more about them.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid - Major points of comparison:

1. Bill Shocks!

The postpaid subscription will come without any tab. So, you are unable to track your usage of data and calls. You cannot predict the monthly bills. You can get a big bill-shock in this case if you don't know about moderation. This can make it difficult for many people to manage their expenses on phone bills every month. Also, the bill amount fluctuates every month, which makes it difficult to keep track of bills.

However, the prepaid subscriptions allow you to fix the monthly expenses. You can use the data in one day or use it for a whole month. You are perfectly able to control your mobile usage. So, the prepaid plans are perfect for the budget constraints.

2. Untapped Usage:

Postpaid Subscription allows you to use the telecom services without any tabs. You don't face the issues such as nil call balance or low data speed at any time. The postpaid services are better for businessmen and high-level officials that use their mobiles heavily.
With prepaid plans, you get a fixed amount of data and services. You will get a fixed call balance. When it is exhausted, you will require a new recharge.  So, these subscriptions are for regular users.

3. Plan Change:

Changing your plan in the middle of the billing cycle comes with a big plan-change bill. You are required to pay some extra charges that vary from company to company. Nothing of the sorts can happen in the prepaid subscription.

4. Postpaid MNP is Difficult:

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability, which is difficult for the Postpaid users. Actually, postpaid users are beneficial for telecom companies. This is because they generate higher revenues. This is why companies don't let them port their numbers easily. Sometimes, the process becomes too long to be pursued. The MNP in the prepaid subscription is easier.

5. The Number of Options:

The prepaid plans and offers are more as compared to the postpaid plans. Hence, the flexibility is more. The users can also find many recharges of the small denomination for some short-term services. Also, the users can easily do online mobile recharge for all these services. This level of flexibility is absent in the postpaid subscription.
So, pick wisely and get more control over your expenses!

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