How to Figure Out the Best Sandals for Men?

Sandals are an open type of footwear that holds the wearer’s foot by straps in various styles and positions sometimes instep and sometimes around the ankle. The construction of a sandal is very simple and has remained the same for the last over 2000 years. The sole of the sandal is usually made up of rubber, leather, rope and sometimes of wood with a strap, thong or lace that holds the foot. They also have a heel but most of the foot is exposed.

Find Best Sandals for Mens

The best sandals for mens ensure that people remain comfortable in the warm weather and keep the feet cool and dry. Some also prefer them as a fashion choice, especially if they are some of the branded sandals for men. They come in various variants like the caligae or heavy soled classical Roman military shoes that were used for marching to clog or heavy sandals with a wooden sole.
The flip-flops or chappals as we call in India are also termed as sandals in some countries and have a more stylish variant called waraji or Japanese straw sandals commonly used in the Edo period and now making a comeback in the more stylish circles of society. The zori or flat and thong Japanese sandals are also getting popular and are made up of straw, cloth, rubber as well as leather. Jipsin is the Korean sandals that are made of straw.
Another of the minimalist sandals are the Mexican sandals which are made by using a tire tread as the sole and threads or ropes as straps with the flat sandals used by runners. The Ho Chi Minh sandals also use the same technique of using treads and straps from inner tubes. And then there are the Padukas that are made entirely of wood with a toe knob that has been even been mentioned in the old scriptures like the Ramayana.
The Grecian sandals have a flat or low sole that is attached to the foot by interlaced straps and are fastened around the ankle like the more famous gladiator sandals made famous by their use in some movies. Some sandals also come with an elevated heel and are called as high-heeled sandals that allow the wearer to have an open shoe while being more formal.
Nowadays sandals are also made especially for hiking and trekking and have a robust rubber outsole for use in hot and tropical climates. They usually have a softer foam insole to protect the foot and arch and support the foot for long walks and help quick drying and minimal perspiration.
The fisherman’s sandals are a type of T-bar sandals with their toes enclosed by a number of leather bands that are interwoven with an adjustable cross strap fastened with a buckle. These are the most commonly used sandals in India and come in a variety of shapes and styles and with or without heels. Aqualite makes the best-branded sandals for men wear.

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