How do you measure a good click-through rate (CTR) for PPC?

PPC advertising has been regarded as one of the most viable techniques for bringing a lot of traffic on the website. However, the success of a PPC marketing campaign depends on a few important things. The most important thing is the click-through rate, which is also denoted as CTR. Analyzing the CTR will help you to understand the performance of your PPC campaign. It will give you a good indication of whether your ads are attracting enough people or not. The calculation of CTR has been done with a simple formula. The number of clicks received has to be divided by the number of impressions. With this division, you get a number and thus particular number will be the Click through Rate or CTR.

Importance of CTR

With CTR, the relevance of your PPC services ads can be judged. Relevance is a big factor for the success of a PPC ad campaign. If the advertisements are not relevant, people would not care to click them. As a result, the ad campaign would not generate any revenue. An ad campaign can only generate revenue when it is relevant and thus it is clicked by the online users. With CTR, you can understand the ratio between a number of impressions and clicks on the ads. This ratio tells you about your ad campaign. When an impression is high in comparison to the number of clicks, you have to understand that your ads lack relevance.

There are a lot of factors that can be used for testing the CTR or Click Through Rate. These factors are discussed in the following section.

·         Ad copy
·         B2B and B2C
·         Targeted audience
·         Visual assets
·         Business goals
·         Different industries

Measuring the CTR

For measuring the CTR, different factors are taken into consideration. Nevertheless, different kinds of elements are needed to be analyzed for the purpose of judging the CTR.

1. Google Search

The average CTR for all industries on Google has been estimated to be between 2.69% and 3.17%.  The rate of click-through has been regarded as quite encouraging for business marketers or webmasters. However, Google is a popular channel and the competition is quite high at this place.

2. Bing Search

For Bing Search, the average click-through rate is around 3.11%, and this is also quite encouraging for the business marketers as well as webmasters. With such a high click-through rate, high revenue earning through the PPC campaign is almost assured. So, Google must be the frontrunner, but one should never ignore Bing in this regard.

3. Facebook

The average click-through rate of Facebook is a little different from Google and Bing. The click-through rate is lower than these search engines. However, Facebook is a growing platform in this regard. At present, the average CTR is around 1.46%. However, it also reached around 2.46% in 2017. So, Facebook is a platform that you should not ignore.
These are the simplest and commonest platforms for the purpose of measuring the click-through ratio (CTR).

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