How to fix glitches when the touch screen stopped working ?

The mobile display screen is directly connected to the motherboard via digitizer. Whenever there is slight damage on the display screen, it can greatly affect your touch response. In this tutorial, we are going to help with such mobile phone repair and touch screen problems on Android smartphones and tablets.

Some of the most common touch screen problems are:

1.       The touch screen has stopped working and does not respond to any taps.
2.       The touch sensor is not properly functioning as if you type 'J' it shows 'B'.
3.       Touch screen lags.

Why is the touch screen not working?

The touchscreen might not be working due to a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:
1.       Physical damage: touch screen is broken or damaged. High temperature, cold, moisture, the magnet can also damage your touch screen
2.       Malicious applications that crash the phone making it unresponsive.
3.       The Android OS crashes after a firmware update.
4.       A wrong setting.

       If the touch screen has stopped working for no reason at all, then it is caused by malicious software. If you have physical damage on the screen, then it is high time that you perform a screen repair.

Touch screen not working, how to fix the glitches?

1.       Restart your Android device

Before rushing into any sort of troubleshooting procedure, restart your Android phone to fix the glitches that may prevent the screen from responding.
        Press and hold the power or the lock button until the screen turns to black.
        After a couple of minutes restart your device.

2.       Remove the Sim and the memory card

Sometimes faulty memory card and sim can be a major problem.
        Power off your device
        Remove the sim and memory card from your handset.
        Reboot and check whether the problem has gone or not.

3.       Put the device in the safe mode

Malicious or third party software can also cause touch screen problems. Using the safe mode, all the third party installations and applications will be disabled.

        Power off your Android phone
        Long press the power button to reboot
        When you see the animation and logo, release the power or lock button and press the volume down button.
        Release the down button when the device boots up showing a safe mode indicator on the left corner of the screen.

4.       Factory reset your Android device in the recovery mode

If your touch screen has become completely unresponsive, factory resetting in the recovery mode would be the best option. However, this option will delete all the applications and data that is stored in your phone and thereby you are advised to take a backup before performing this function.

Touch screen with physical damage

1.         A diagnostic check of the touch screen will not fix the problem but will help you identify the areas where the screen is unresponsive. to access the diagnostic tool, you will need to know some specific code in the phone dial.

2.         Knock the touch screen

If the device has been dropped, the digitizer cable could be loose and thus the touchscreen might not function. In this case, you can repair it by gently tapping on each and every part of the screen.

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