Be Informed Of 5 Ways By Which A Free CRM Helps Improve Customer Relationships

With the growth of your company, comes the simultaneous growth of your customer database.  In due course, it becomes increasingly difficult to consolidate and make communications with both your potential and existing customers more efficient. Here’s where the requirement of free CRM system steps in.

Odds may surface that your business goes through a disorganized or inept process of contact management. This can exert a strong influence on damaging the quality and consistency of the relationships you wish to build and nurture with your customers and prospects. Naturally, the question arises as to how to improve your customer satisfaction rates. 

Read on to familiarize yourself with 5 ways by which you can make your business significantly benefit from by streamlining, optimizing and centralizing communication with your customers.

1.Through improved knowledge about customers
Since with the help of free CRM software, you can stockpile important relevant information about your customers in one single place, it makes CRM an astoundingly powerful tool to establish and maintain communication with your customers. With plain-sailing access to vital information, a CRM system offers a robust competitive edge to your sales, marketing, and customer care teams.

A free CRM helps keep a record of the following details of a contact.

•    Full name
•    Postal address
•    Telephone number
•    Email address
•    Website URLs
•    Social media profiles

In addition, a CRM also keeps the following information corresponding to critical business facts of the contact in reserve.

•    Company name
•    Position held in the company
•    Languages spoken
•    Birthdays
•    Mutual relations with different other contacts saved in your database

By organizing this information in an orderly manner it becomes effortless to personalize your communication with a customer. Moreover, by means of free CRM software, it’s likely that you put aside details of the entire gamut of activities, sales, orders, invoices, email exchanges, live chat messages, or customer service requests which a customer has any involvement with.

2.Through improved customer retention

A typical CRM tool has great efficacy in making and keeping your existing customers happy and contented, besides establishing itself as a potent contrivance to find your prospects and new customers and foster continued relationships with them.

A free CRM system puts forward trickle benefits as far as customer retention is concerned. What exactly does it do?

•    It reminds you of your appointments
•    It prompts you to send follow-up mails
•    It helps you strike a chord with those customers who haven’t been touched based with, in a while

Research shows that retaining your customers is 6 to 7 times more inexpensive than acquiring new ones. Also, to prop up the interest of your customers, a CRM system can come to your aid to plan out and implement your essential marketing activities at the opportune time.

A few of these activities take in:

•    Sending email campaigns
•    Offering free trials of products and/or services
•    Carrying out post-purchase customer surveys

3.Through improved customer segmentation

All businesses need to take care of a perfect, specific audience base. This can be accomplished through the proper segmentation of prospects and ongoing customers among the target audience base. And, there can be no better way to carry out segmentation than by leveraging the effectiveness of a free CRM system.

CRM enables a well-ordered itemization of data based on criteria and categories. This makes it simpler to generate a targeted list of customers, be it the potential or existing ones. Such segmented itemization, when used in sales and marketing, permits you in running certain account-based marketing campaigns aimed at attracting, seizing, and retaining customers. Moreover, it helps carefully review your sales funnel and lead pool.

When you have cognizance of who to address, you can willfully custom-build and adapt your strategies, your offers, and even your sales pitch.

4.Through improved anticipation of needs

Your confidence level rises when you’re aware of your expectations. The same is applicable to your business. In fact, through simple, straightforward means you can upsell or cross-sell to customers on the off chance you’ve been keeping an eye on their buying habits.

 If truth be told, the indispensability of a free CRM software system is paramount while extending great customer service. Through only a few clicks, you get to know if:

•    Your customer faced any problem while buying a product and/or service
•    The service requests raised by your customers were properly and timely handled
•    You received any prior complaints from any of your customers

Here’s where you can make amends for gaining back your lost reputation and furnish an enhanced customer experience.

One of the prime benefits which a free CRM system comes up with is to enable salespeople to sell more and that too quickly. Salespeople take advantage of the accessibility to the records of customer interaction along the entire buying journey to foresee customer needs and preferences.

A customer’s purchase history comprises the following information.

•    The products and/or services purchased
•    The time of purchase
•    Offers of contracts if any
•    The type of purchasing habits the customers demonstrated
•    The overall buyer’s journey from a prospect to your existing customer

By gaining awareness of the aforementioned information you can get your hands on offering new or better deals at the right time.

5.Through improved protection of data privacy

With a view to complying with the requirements of data privacy as directed by regulatory controls, it’s of utmost importance to institute a free CRM software integrated with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) related functionality. In this context, the main benefit of CRM lies in being highly time-saving and labor-efficient. Therefore, being GDPR compliant helps you avoid unwanted legal hassles in case of violation of this privacy law. Thus, with GDPR in place, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A free CRM system does you a good turn in obtaining and documenting your customers’ consent to:

•    Store and make use of their personal details
•    Send out automatic notifications to all newly-acquired customers to secure their consent in storing their personal details
•    Manage customer subscriptions
•    Set up preferences of email communication
•    Formulate rules for updating personal specifics, especially for contact groups

If you do all these activities manually, the process will involve substantial time and effort. Also, you'll run the risk of committing human errors. So, implementing a free CRM software system is a swift, secure, and reliable method to make sure the lines of communication with your customers are GDPR compliant, which as a consequence encourages a build-up of trust over time as you manage your customer data with care and regard.

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