Tips to Beat Exam Stress and Rank Good

Do you take too much stress during your exam time and does this affects your grades and Rank?

If your answer is yes then this article is for you. In this article, we will share the tips and tricks that will help you beat the exam stress.

#1 Manage your Room and Desk

When we study in our exam times, we make ourselves as well our room a mess. We go in a state of hibernation where we refrain ourselves from cleaning our rooms, desk and even ourselves (I guess you know what I mean). Though not giving any time in managing our stuff we feel we are saving a lot of our time and can devote ourselves to studies in a better way.

But a messy desk and untidy room overload our brains with and impairs our ability to think which leads to stress. The Mess is your room fills your brain with distraction and irritation which will hamper your studies and you are unlikely to concentrate on your studies.

So take some time out and organise your room and desk , keep only those subjects books which you are likely to study and the rest in cupboard, this will keep you stress free as the number of books piles up on the study table you are likely to experience anxiety of how much you have to study and you will find it difficult to concentrate even on subject.

#2 Do not Compromise on Food and Exercise

We all feel exhausted in our exam time. And when it comes to exercise it is the last thing we tend to do. But this should not be the case, exercising especially during the exam times act as a stress buster because it fills your brain with happy hormones and improves your ability to handle stress.

One of the blunder mistakes that students do is that they skip their meal because they feel that eating may cause lethargy and they might not be able to study. But this is a misconception in fact not consuming a proper diet will make you ill wasting even more of your precious time.

#3 Stay Away from social media 

Our smartphones and social media apps in them have become an inevitable part of our routine. Even when we are high on our exam stress we take some time out to use our phones in name of a short break and knowingly or unknowingly we waste a lot of our precious time. Try to avoid social media especially in the exam time as it proves as the biggest monster of student distracting them from their goal

#4 Make a To-Do List of Things You are to study

The biggest stress in our exam time is of completion of course or revision of course on time, and if you are preparing for an Exam like CA, then apart from joining the best CA Coaching Institute in India, You must make a list of topics you are supposed to cover, how much time you have to give to a particular subject and what all topics you need to cover first. If you plan your day like this, you can surely reduce the stress.

#5 Do not Compromise on Sleep

Studying for long hours can be backbreaking. When you tend to devote your sleep to studies due to the overburden, of course, this eventually increases your stress because the body is not getting enough rest as it needs to rejuvenate itself. And there is a two-way relation between stress and sleep, stress can make difficulty in sleeping and you are likely to be an insomniac. So it is advisable to take the required sleep even in your exam time.

 #6  Have some “Me” Time 

The major reason behind stress during our exam time is our confinement to studies. Though it is not advisable to start with anything new because of time constraints and the vide syllabus you have to cover but taking short breaks in between your studies and doing a few short activities of your interest can help lessen your stress and you may feel energetic after that which will also have a positive impact on your studies. You may dance, read some novel play with your siblings or just go out for a short walk.

#7 Manage Your Time Wisely

Studies have proved that students who were taught time management techniques had a low level of exam stress compared with those who were not.
Time management includes taking enough sleep and rest so that you are able to keep your self energized for the entire day.
Take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes after every 40 to 50 minutes of your study. Create a study plan and follow it strictly and try to complete the things in the designated time.

# 8 Share Your Feeling

During the exam time, it is natural to get stressed. But for some this stress can lead to depression. So it is better to talk to someone with whom you share what you are feeling and the level of stress you are experiencing. That someone can be your parents, siblings, teachers or friends.

# 9 Do Yoga

Joining yoga classes is the best way to experience mindfulness. Studies have shown that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, enhances emotional wellbeing, self-awareness, increases mental health, and concentration. It kind of rejuvenates the body which eventually makes you calm and relaxed.

#10  Stay Away from Negative People

It is better to be alone than to be in someone's company who doubles your exam stress. Certain people can be so annoying that they might end up upsetting your mood which will have a negative impact on your studies. So, it is better to stay away from these people.

#11 Make Your Learning Fun

Yes, sounds odd but when you began to like something that you don’t feel stressed about it and in fact enjoy it. So make your studies interesting by having someone with whom you can learn and discuss what you have studied so far and what all needs to be covered.

#12 One Thing at a Time

 Do not overload your self with too much of things. Study one thing at a time and forget about the other. Plan before sitting for studies. And stick to that plan.

#13 Revise the Same Day

The biggest mistake that students do is that they study soo much but do not take revision as a priority. But this should not be the case because revision helps you retaining the things which you have studied so far. So it advisable to revise the same day for what you have 

#14 Keep Yourself Motivated

Keep yourself active and motivated. Keep pushing yourself with the thought that the activities you will do once you are done with your exam. Just a hard work of some days and you will ripe its fruits forever.

In the above article, we mentioned the tips that you can follow to reduce your exam stress and increase your chances of scoring a decent grade and help you achieve a good rank. Follow all the above scientifically proven methods and beat the exam stress. Here’s wishing you all the very Best for your exams!

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